Advances in Transport Safety & Logistics

Transport Safety

SHAWSAFEIn recent years, there have been significant advances in the assessment of drivers and other safety critical roles in Transportation & Logistics.  International research in neuroscience, human factors, psychometric assessment and safety critical ability development has significantly advanced our capability to precisely measure and control the human factor in operational environments.For transport and logistics operators, this means you can now accurately recruit safe and effective candidates, target and develop safety critical abilities, and diagnose and rehabilitate staff who are involved in safety incidences. Australian organisations such as Aurizon, with one of the lowest safety incident rates in the world compared to other rail operators, are reaping the benefits of these advances.With 35 years of international transport & logistics experience, and over 60 years in research and development of psychometric assessment for safety critical roles, our partner firm Schuhfried continues to be at the forefront of these advances.

Using our flagship products, the Vienna Test System and CogniPlus, our organisational psychologists specialise in measuring and developing human abilities that impact safety and operational performance in transport & logistics environments across Road, Rail, Sea and Air.

The 3 key advances in human factors assessment in transport and logistics have been:

  1. The detailed specification of safety critical abilities (as reflected in the European Union standards for Professional Drivers for Road and Rail), such that we now know the key abilities required to assess fitness to drive and other safety critical roles.
  2. Advances in technology now allow accurate, reliable and efficient measurement of all of these safety critical abilities, such that assessment during recruitment can identify candidates with ability deficits that would lead to safety incidents when driving and/or operating heavy machinery.
  3. The new science of neuroplasticity has demonstrated that far from being fixed and unchangeable, abilities can be developed.  This now means that transport workers  involved in safety incidents, can have ability deficits diagnosed, and through targeted cognitive rehabilitation training, get back on the job safely.

All of this means that human factors are no longer the unknown “wild card” for safety and operational performance. We know what specific abilities are required for each safety critical role and we can precisely measure and diagnose safety critical abilities to determine if an individual is suitable for performing safely a role. For existing staff, as part of learning and development initiatives, we can diagnose and rehabilitate worker ability deficits to get them back to work safely.

To learn more about our capabilities, please download the following documents:

  1. Veedre White Paper – Enhancing Operator Performance – our partner in scientifically-based ability assessment, diagnosis, rehabilitation training and performance coaching for safety critical roles
  2. SAROAD Safety Assessment Road – Schuhfried’s safety assessment test battery for professional drivers
  3. SARAIL Safety Assessment Rail – Schuhfried’s safety assessment test battery for train drivers, controllers, and other safety critical roles in Rail
  4. SAAIR Safety Assessment Aviation – Schuhfried’s safety assessment for pilots and air traffic controllers

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