Specialist Psychomotor Assessment

Vienna Test System

Specialist Psychomotor Assessment


Vienna Test System – Universal Response Panel

Professional operators and drivers are not effectively assessed using cognitive ability and personality tests alone (including safety attitudes & behaviour) – there is more to the job than that! We combine such tests with highly validated psychomotor tests into role specific test batteries to assess fitness to operate machinery and vehicles through a full range assessment using the world’s leading computer based psychology test platform, the Vienna Test System developed by SCHUHFRIED, a global company headquartered in Austria. Psychomotor testing identifies the capacity to use cognitive/intellectual functions in order to perform fine and gross motor movements. Psychomotor capability is demonstrated by physical skills such as movement, multi-limb and hand-eye co-ordination, reaction, manipulation, dexterity, and speed.  Behavioural examples include driving a vehicle, operating heavy and light machinery such as dozers or flying an aeroplane.

Vienna Test System (VTS) – “full range” assessment


A job applicant completing a VTS test

The Vienna Test System (VTS) is a unique psychometric testing platform which covers a full range of job-specific aptitudes including, not only the standard cognitive ability functions and personality predispositions, but more importantly perceptual skills and psychomotor abilities, not assessed by other tests. With more than 100 tests available on the VTS, we make it possible to quickly and objectively screen job applicants against a defined set of criteria, so that you only interview the most suitable and higher performing candidates based on objective safety, operational, and behavioural measurements.
  • Job specific aptitudes
  • Cognitive ability
  • Personality & behaviour
  • Perceptual abilities
  • Psychomotor abilities

Specialist psychomotor assessment – assess fitness to operate vehicles and machinery


VTS with Peripheral Perception panels fitted


  • Reaction time and speed
  • Control movement abilities
  • Fine motor movement and dexterity
  • Multi-limb co-ordination
  • Concentration, attention, and vigilance
  • Time and motion anticipation
  • Visual and auditory sensory and perceptual abilities
  • Psychomotor stress tolerance capacity

Input devices available for the VTS

SHAWSAFEThe VTS has a range of input devices (that attach to a desktop or laptop computer) to capture and measure user responses while conducting various psychomotor tests. Examples of input devices include:

  • Standard Response Panel – 7 colour keys, 10 number keys, 1 sensor key, 1 connection for foot-operated keys
  • Universal Response Panel – 2 twist knobs, 2 joysticks, 7 colour keys, 10 number keys, 1 sensor keys, connection for foot-operated keys
  • Motor Performance Series Work Panel – holes of different diameters for steadiness, a groove with several bends and angles for tracking, 2 x 20 contact points for aiming, two small metal plates for tapping
  • Left and right operated foot pedal keys
  • Peripheral Perception Panels – light diode matrix on each side, light stimuli from the centre to the periphery of the visual field, ultrasound distance measurement

Industry specific test batteries

Industry test suites are custom designed for each industry and consist of a number of tests (called a test battery) that are used to assess applicants for job roles in each industry. The test batteries within each Industry Test Suite have proven effective in discriminating safe from unsafe people, and in identifying high performing applicants for specific job roles relevant to that industry.  Job families include:


  • Drivers
  • Plant Operators
  • Trades
  • Apprentices
  • Administration & Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • Frontline Supervisors
  • Professionals & Management
Our tests have extensive validation and are therefore scientifically proven in their measurement precision and effectiveness. Comparative test norms are available for a wide range of populations including international and Australian populations and industry specific norms.  Local company based norms can also be developed, allowing comparison between your local job applicants, current employees and applicants in the wider population.

Downloads to view example industry test batteries:

The business benefits

A substantial body of research has proven the value of well chosen psychometric tests in predicting a candidate’s job and safety performance.  Testing is at least 5 x more effective than interviews and reference checks in identifying people who are right for jobs.  Specifically, VTS expert batteries can differentiate between low and high performing drivers with accuracy of 84% based on their test score alone, making it the most effective testing tool on the market for recruiting drivers and operators.

The financial impact of improved operator performance

While the impact on operational safety of hiring better performing drivers and operators is self evident and compelling, its impact on a company’s bottom line is just as impressive. Most industries recognise that the performance of individual drivers and operators makes a big difference in terms of productivity, efficiency and maintenance costs.  For example:

  1. Research in the mining industry shows that the variation between an average operator and a good one can be 12% – 20% in terms of productivity, and between a poor operator and a good one can be up to 50% improvement in productivity.
  2. In the rail industry the performance difference between the bottom 10% and top 10% of train drivers is estimated at $76,000 per driver per year in productivity alone.
  3. In Australian open cut coal mining, the productivity difference between the bottom 10% and top 10% of dragline operators is estimated to be at least $1,750,000 per operator per year.

All of these estimates are considered to be conservative. Many believe the true cost of poor vs good operators is 5 – 10 x these numbers. Given that the VTS can predict at the recruitment stage whether job candidates will be good performers, its value in terms of increased productivity, fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and reduced staff turnover, can be enormous and is achievable.

Proven tests with high validity

Our test batteries from Schuhfried have been highly validated, which means you can have the utmost confidence in test results and what they predict about individuals. For further details about the validity of our tests, click on the following downloads:

Options for acccessing VTS tests

The VTS platform is available for use in Australia via a range of flexible options which can be easily tailored to client specific needs.

  1. In-house Purchase – VTS workstation licenses with the required VTS testing hardware can be purchased from SCHUHFRIED Australia packaged with recommended training for in-house HR / Recruitment teams to quickly become self sufficient in the operation of the VTS platform and report interpretation.
  2. Outsourced Testing & Assessment – SCHUHFRIED Australia’s service arm VEEDRE at Toowong in Brisbane, is a well established testing service with a fleet of 30 x VTS workstations and on-site organisational psychologists. The facility can handle up to 150 candidates for testing per day. Clients simply send candidates to VEEDRE for testing and our psychologists provide candidate profile reports, analysis and advice to clients. This service is suitable for large testing numbers, with test service facility day rates varying subject to candidate test volumes.
  3. Outsourced Testing & Assessment Onsite – VEEDRE also provides a mobile fleet of VTS workstations for on-site testing services anywhere in Australia. Our psychologists travel to client sites as required to operate and deliver the full outsourced service.
  4. In-house Subscription – VEEDRE can also provide VTS workstations on a subscription basis for in-house operation. Training and ongoing support is provided by organisational psychologists to ensure successful in-house operation and report interpretation.


The SCHUHFRIED company (www.schuhfried.com)  headquartered in Vienna, Austria and originally founded as a family business in 1947, leads the world in computer-based psychological assessment.
SHAWSAFESCHUHFRIED operates globally with 41 international offices and distributors including SCHUHFRIED Australia (www.schuhfried.com.au) operating from Brisbane, Queensland. The Vienna Test System developed by SCHUHFRIED is used to conduct some 12.5 million test sessions per year in 67 countries and is available in 27 languages. By way of example, it is used extensively in Africa throughout most of the sites for BHP, Rio Tinto, Anglo Coal plus various sites for Vale and Barrick Gold.


VEEDRE (www.veedre.com.au) is SCHUHFRIED Australia’s assessment and development service arm and is recognised as Australia’s leading psychomotor service provider specialising in identifying and training the safest operators, drivers, trades and support staff for heavy industry.
SHAWSAFEVEEDRE provides a recruitment testing service identifying the most capable people from experienced and ‘clean skin’ applicant pools for mining, construction and transport roles. We measure the human abilities required to safely operate machinery and drive vehicles – problem solving, trainability, safety attitudes, physical co-ordination, reaction, perception, attention, spatial awareness and time estimation. Our comprehensive range of tests have been developed into industry test suites for Mining and Resources, Rail, Transport, Ports, Construction, and Aviation. Clients and users all over the world have found that using psychometric testing during selection delivers safe and high performing employees.VEEDRE is the only Australian provider of high volume recruitment testing using the VTS, and non-technical operator skills training using CogniPlus. Our testing covers a wide range of jobs from safety critical roles such as train drivers, pilots, drivers and plant operators, to customer service, trades and supervisory positions. Australian users of the VTS or CogniPlus include:


VEEDRE’s VTS Mobile Test Fleet


VEEDRE Assessment & Development Centre

  • QR
  • Aurizon
  • BHP
  • BMA
  • Roche Mining
  • Austar Mining
  • Centennial Mines
  • MacMahon
  • Anglo Coal
  • Gladstone Ports

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