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psychomotor assessment

We help our clients make big gains in organisational safety and operational performance through implementation of proven best practice solutions including:

Specialist Psychomotor Assessment – professional operators and drivers are not effectively assessed using cognitive ability and personality tests alone (including safety attitudes & behaviour)  – there is more to the job than that! We combine such tests with validated psychomotor tests into role specific test batteries to assess fitness to operate vehicles and machinery through a full range assessment using the world leading Vienna Test System developed by SCHUHFRIED, a global company headquarted in Vienna, Austria.


Ability Optimisation Training – when existing heavy machinery operators or drivers display performance deficits or even low-level ability, safety and productivity will suffer. We offer state-of-the-art computer technology to train the core abilities required for optimal operation of heavy machinery and vehicles. The training system CogniPlus (developed by SCHUHFRIED), is used for developing, rehabilitating, or optimising cognitive, psychomotor, and perceptual functions. Fully integrated with the Vienna Test System and our psychomotor assessment program, this provides a streamlined diagnosis, training and post-training evaluation capability.

Neuroscience in Education – Using the proven concept of neuroplasticity to develop underlying attention, concentration, memory, planning, and emotional and social awareness abilities, we can make a significant reduction in safety incidents caused by human factors. The same concept can also be used to significantly improve school students’ learning performance, scholastic results, teamwork, classroom behaviour, and life outcomes. We offer the NeuroMite program for schools developed by Schuhfried Australia to help school students achieve their full potential while helping schools to improve their overall scholastic performance.

Safety and performance advances in Rail – In recent years, there have been significant advances in the assessment of drivers and other safety critical staff in the rail industry. International research in neuroscience, human factors, psychometric assessment and safety ability development has significantly advanced our capability to precisely measure and control the human factor in operational environments. For rail operators, this means you can now accurately recruit safe and effective candidates, target and develop safety critical abilities, and diagnose and rehabilitate staff who are involved in safety incidences. Australian rail organisations like Aurizon, with the lowest SPAD rate in the world, are reaping the benefits of these advances.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about these solutions and their applicability to your environment. We would be only too happy to provide a demonstration and discuss your requirements on a no obligation and confidential basis.

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