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SHAWSAFE Solutions managing partner, Warren Shaw has spent 30 years providing technology solutions into Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Mining & Resources, Construction, Utilities, Government Agencies, Banking, e-Commerce, Retail, Human Resources, and Hospitality.“The common theme through many industries is SAFETY because strong organisational safety performance saves and protects lives while enhancing operational performance, which benefits everyone including employees, the community, shareholders, and management. With 80% to 90% of safety incidents caused by human factors, it makes perfect sense to focus our efforts on addressing these factors using a clever combination of technology, psychology, and training. This is where the big gains in organisational safety and operational performance are being made.”  Warren Shaw, Managing Partner

About Us

Warren recognised a need to provide a range of industry leading and best practice solutions that support strategies designed to:

  • Foster continuous improvement in organisational safety effectiveness and enhanced operational performance by focusing on the human factors
  • Attract and develop staff who are more likely to benefit from and promote organisational safety culture while contributing to improved safety and operational performance
  • Develop safety critical abilities in staff members leading to increased individual and organisational safety
About Us
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