Predict and improve academic success

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Predict and improve academic success

New research from Schuhfried performed in Australian schools provides strong evidence that fluid cognitive abilities including divided attention, verbal memory, alertness, planning ability and sustained attention underpin academic success. The capacity of a student to perform well at school is strongly associated with these abilities.What’s so exciting about this research is that we now know we can improve academic results at school by developing students’ fluid cognitive abilities.

But how do you improve these abilities efficiently and economically within the school environment?

Schuhfried has developed a practical school-based program, integrating neuroscience, psychology, and pedagogy principles, which is proven to significantly improve abilities that underpin academic outcomes. Implemented within and aligned to the Australian school curriculum, the program works for students at all performance levels. To learn more, visit our NEUROMITE web site at

For details on the new research, click this link to download the NEUROMITE Research – Abilities and Academic performance

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