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Neuroscience Education

SHAWSAFEWhat if you could develop your students’ abilities, in order to maximise their potential for learning in the classroom, and help them reach their optimum academic performance?Improvement in cognitive abilities (such as problem solving, memory, attention, concentration and planning) as well as non-cognitive abilities (such as confidence, resilience, conscientiousness and mindset) has a strong impact on the ability to pay attention and be engaged in the classroom. It also promotes greater academic motivation and improved scholastic results for students.

Accelerating Learning for Life

Our team of Psychologists at Schuhfried Australia developed the NeuroMite Program to train and improve cognitive and non-cognitive abilities specifically for school aged children.SHAWSAFE

The NeuroMite program is helping school students to achieve their full potential while helping schools to improve their overall scholastic performance.

NeuroMite is based on Neuroscience using the proven concept of neuroplasticity to develop underlying attention, concentration, memory, planning, and emotional and social awareness abilities to significantly improve learning performance, scholastic results, teamwork, classroom behaviour, and life outcomes.

NeuroMite uses scientifically validated computer-based training and development tools with fully qualified professionals administering the program and providing support and coaching to students and their teachers involved in the process.

In the field of education, improvement in these abilities are associated with increased capability to process and consolidate new information, enhanced motivation and greater potential to acquire knowledge and skills. The NeuroMite Program is of benefit to all students as it targets all ability levels from deficit development up to high achievers.SHAWSAFE

For students with special needs or learning difficulties, the NeuroMite program also provides tailored development to rehabilitate essential human abilities required for learning and acquiring knowledge. Learning difficulties in students are mostly caused by one or more deficits in areas such as attention, memory, concentration, and planning. These problems can be fixed through a targeted program of development, tailored to a student’s specific needs.

Click here for a NeuroMite brochure and to read more about the program.


In 2013 Schuhfried Australia carried out a successful pilot study of the NeuroMite program with 59 Grade 5 students from a Brisbane school.Click here to learn more about the study.

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